Collaborating Across Cultures

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RENKEI is the Japanese word for “collaboration” and in this context also stands for “Research and Education Network for Knowledge Economy Initiatives”. Eleven universities in the UK and Japan form the members of RENKEI, a partnership scheme, supported by the British Council, which aims to encourage knowledge transfer and research collaboration, not only between the universities in the two countries but also between higher education and industry as a whole.
This video is an introduction to the 2013 RENKEI Researcher Development School in Bristol and Kyoto. The main theme of this School is Collaborating Across Cultures and it aims to develop future research leaders with the skills to lead collaborations between different disciplines and cultures and develop a sustainable network of researchers across Japan and the UK. In 2013 this was achieved by the delivery of a school in two parts, both conducted in English. The first part was hosted by the University of Bristol over two weeks in July, and the second by Kyoto University over two weeks in December, both in collaboration with Newcastle University. The theme of the school was Urban Sustainability and Resilience, and brought together 22 participants, including PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from a wide variety of disciplines, and across the eleven RENKEI member universities.