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01-01 True Colors DANCE: The Story of ILL-ABILITIES

01-01 True Colors DANCE: The Story of ILL-ABILITIES

障害、国籍、性別を超えた超ダイバーシティ芸術祭『True Colors Festival』の、公式ドキュメンタリーシリーズです。シリーズの主役は「自分で自分の限界を設定しなければ、不可能はない」というメッセージを、ブレイクダンスを通して届ける、多国籍の障害者によるダンスチーム ILL-Abilities。

"True Colors MOVIE" is the official documentary series of True Colors Festival. This diverse art festival transcends gender, nationality, and disabilities. ILL-Abilities is an International Breakdance Crew comprised of active members worldwide. As the main cast, ILL-Abilities delivers a message, "There is no limit usless you set your own." through the series. The first episode in a three-part series highlights the stories of the ILL-Abilities crew members.